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Posted on September 09 2019

Had a number of stops to make in town including lunch at Ruston's Diner (the cholesterol capital of the world) with two old friends that I haven't seen in over a month. Left for camp about 1:00 with hopes of catching the afternoon iso hatch.  By the time I had unpacked and watered the lawn it was 3:30,  a little late for the isos but better than not fishing at all.

It turned out that the Cannonsville release had been bumped up again and the increase had just hit where I was fishing. The isos were late hatching and no fish were feeding. Within half an hour the isos started hatching and shortly thereafter the fish started feeding. Unfortunately most of the fish were eating the nymphs. Cast at a dozen rises before a fish ate. In the next half an hour I hooked four fish (including a really nice brown) all at the top of a riff. I landed one ten inch rainbow, one  came unstuck and the brown and a nice rainbow broke me off when they ran down through the riff.

Rather than hook and lose fish, I walked back to the car and found a more "user friendly" riff. Fished there 'til dark and found enough fish willing to eat my offerings to make it a good day. An 18 .5 inch rainbow won fish of the day (the big brown got an iso and three feet of tippet for his lack of restraint).

If you are going to fish the Delaware System and want big fussy fish on dries, go to the UE.  If you want to throw streamers in muddy water and get lots of swirls behind the fly, go to the WB.  If you want the thrill of maybe hooking a hot rainbow put on an iso and fish the BR. 


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