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The day after.

Posted on August 24 2017

Stayed at camp until Qadir White announced his commitment to SU for their football recruiting class.

That done I decided to drive around and look at some of the water that has been "out of bounds" due to high water temps or that I just haven't gotten to this summer.  Found a fish or two but mostly just looked.

Got serious about 4:00 and drove to a place on the UEB that I have only fished once this year.  There were no cars in sight so I walked in only to find a fisherman walking in from the opposite direction. Before I had a chance to decide what to do a drift boat banged its way down the riff between us sending all trout into the deep water pool.  I left!

This may sound a little strange but with all the drift boats, Angler 119 blog readers and just plain wade anglers trying to fish the UEB, it has become a bit crowded.  Drove over to the WB to get out of the crowd.  Two trailers at Balls Eddy and one car at the gamelands.  One drift boat went by as I was walking up stream (they were "rowing out").  The only other people I saw were two good looking blonds paddling a canoe who apologized for being in the way (they could come by anytime).

The fishing:  There were no bugs whatsoever until long after the sun went behind the hill. Then strangely, there was a good hatch of olives covering about 30 feet of water out from one side of the stream.  The fish of course knew this and were all in the buggy water. There were no bugs and no rises to be seen anywhere else on the river. Hooked and landed three nice fish, and was ignored by one fish that swam around a 10 by 30 foot area gulping olives left and right while ignoring at least 100 of my casts.


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