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The DEC knows and does nothing to stop the carnage.

Posted on September 22 2019

Stayed at camp this weekend, primarily to work on my yard project.  With the continued hot sunny days even my enthusiasm for fishing wanes. Am not often here on weekends and was amazed by the turnout of fishermen. Boats and wade fishermen everywhere.  Had no desire to fish the high and silt laden WB.  There were far to many boats for me on the BR and so many wade fishermen on the UE that finding an empty pool was impossible.  The Bk was relatively free of anglers.  But the flow is now down around 75 CFS and today at least the temps were up near the no fish zone. There was  no one in "Wagon Tracks" so I parked and walked out on the bare rocks, an eagle took off from a tree overlooking the pool (a good sign), and several fish rose - it was about 4:00, the sun was beating down with the temp was in the high 80's. Looked down at the rocks next to the water and every one was covered with dozens of iso husks. Just say'in.

Decided, after considering all of the above, to fish the Big East (both nights).  Saturday I fished McCarter's Pool, for years one of the best pools on the BE, until the Eastern European invasion. The last few years, it, along with many other pools on the BE have not had their usual numbers of fish. The Eastern European fishermen know how to fish and they DO NOT RELEASE FISH.  The
BK below Cook's Falls was once a very good wild brown and rainbow trout fishery, until the trout were removed every May by a handful of "They bite they die." fishermen.  They have, in the last few years, expanded their fish extermination program to  pools on the UE and a sizable portion of the Big East. I wasn't in McCarter's more than ten minutes when  two two scowling, dark haired fishermen with cigarettes dangling from their mouths showed up across the river  and positioned themselves 25 feet above and below me thd threw all sorts of lures through the water I was fishing.  There were fish making splashy rises but none would look at my fly.

Tonight I fished a pool farther downstream on the BE.  It was quiet and serene, watched the sun light move up the west facing hills. There were again a few splashy risers. It wasn't until almost dark that there was constant fluttering around me. Looked down and my waders were covered with hundreds of caddis. The belly on the one fish I caught was so distended it looked like he had swallowed a plum.  If I had to guess the fish in both pools were gorging on caddis pupa. I dislike caddis almost as fish killing Eastern Europeans.

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  • Al: September 24, 2019

    I enjoy your honesty and fresh perspective on fishing conditions.

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