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The Delaware Slam

Posted on July 31 2015

Went out early this morning looking for Tricos on the upper EB.  There
weren't any but what I did find was a nice hatch of size sixteen
olives. The hatch increased as the morning went along and the fish did
their best not to let any get off the water. In their eagerness they
sometimes even ate ones with hooks in them.

Went back to the camp, tied flies, did the breakfast dishes, solved a
Tuesday crossword, ate a sandwich and set out for the WB.  Found seven
cars at Stockport, six at the upper gamelands and none at the lower
gamelands. The "where to fish" problem was solved (I don't believe
that the upper gamelands is six times as good as the lower gamelands,
the walk is just shorter). Found more than enough fish but it was like
they knew the game.  Got ignored and refused numerous times. Did
manage to get a hook in the mouth of half a dozen and half of which I
lost in the heavy water. When the action slowed I hiked back to the
car and drove down the worst road in America (anyone know its name?)
to one ninety one and then to Buckingham.

 Two boat trailers and four cars greeted me.  Two guys were fishing
(and talking non stop ) in front of the access ramp, another was down
below the back bay and one was on my "favorite" trail. He said the
bugs and the fish had been going since the fog got off the water about
two. He had caught two (and appeared happy about it).  I wasn't
impressed until I saw the rise forms. There were lots of feeding fish
but the were eating subsurface, creating boils when they turned and
not looking up. Thought about leaving but the full moon was beautiful
and maybe, just maybe I could find fish looking up. I did. Two of
them. Ripped the fly out of the first ones mouth, then settled down
and hooked and landed a nice rainbow to end my day. Caught fish in
both branches and the big river which for me counts as a slam.

If you are coming to the river to fish the bonanza I have been
blathering about for the past two weeks, BE ADVISED that the fish are
ready for you.  There have been enough people fishing that they are
again on red alert.


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