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The early weekend outlook.

Posted on June 19 2019

Just so you know - both reservoirs are now spilling. The forecasts vary but there is sure to be more rain tomorrow. Fished both branches in rising water today. Neither branch should be waded at present levels unless you are familiar with the pool you are fishing and are a good wader. If we get the predicted amount of rain it will be a boats only situation again.

The bugs - Today the drakes hatched on the Upper East in good numbers from about 2:00 until 5:00. Was told that they did hatch again last night. I didn't stay for the evening fishing last night or tonight. The West Branch had good sulfurs late both nights, but the high and rising water tonight somewhat stifled the fish's feeding.

The fishing - The high water today made wading interesting but the fish threw caution to the wind and ate drake duns with abandon. Yes there were refusals but a good number of big fish ate flies with hooks in them. Should you go? To answer that question, given current conditions, there are several if's.

If you have access to a boat YES!
If it somehow doesn't rain any more and you are an experienced wader YES!
If you are new to the river or are an inexperienced wader you probably should wait for lower water.
If it rains another inch forgedaboutit.

The Drakes are most likely the last chance for you to see just how many really big fish there are in the river this year. The hatch is likely to continue for several more days. The Drakes come back as spinners the second night after they hatch. If you have a pass for the weekend AND mother nature is good to us, be here! There will likely be duns hatching, spinners falling and reels screaming. I just hope a few of the reels are in the hands of wade fishermen.


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