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The fat lady is ready to sing

Posted on June 04 2015

Despite the fact that the fish were rising to Hendricksons up near
Stilesville yesterday and that there are still a few March Browns and
isos to be seen, the 2015 big bug season in the Delaware River system
is nearly over. Fishermen coming up for the weekend can hope for a
spinner fall but that's about it.

The strange weather pattern that seemed to vacillate between too hot
and too cold, got the Hendricksons here a week late and the Green
Drakes a week early. The six week season ended up crowded into less
than five.

With low water forcing most of the boats to fish the main river and
crowds of wade fishermen on the two branches the fish were pounded non
stop. The mouths of some of the dumber ones look like they have been
chewing on barbed wire. Feeding fish are looking carefully at every
fly and refusals are far more frequent than takes.

If you plan on fishing this weekend don't expect to catch large
numbers of fish. Spend time enjoying your surroundings and marvel at
how hard the fish have become to catch in just a few short weeks.


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