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The first one shirter

Posted on May 17 2017

They said it was going to be hot and sunny and it was.  My car thermometer registered 90 most of the afternoon.

Went out early to beat the heat and hooked and lost two more rainbows. Took the middle of the day off and returned in time to catch a apple caddis/hendrickson hatch.   Stopped at the first empty pool with risers and promptly lost the first two fish I hooked.  Was fast to a nice brown when I heard a car door slam and ten minutes later was joined by an angler who had been on the BK and hadn't seen a fish caught.  A boat soon joined us leaving me wedged in the middle.  When three teenage boys came downriver in kayaks screaming profanities and slapping their paddles against the water trying to "scare the beaver".  I left.

With the bright sun and high temp there was little action until the sun went behind the hills.  Found a pool with "only" two other anglers,  (quite an achievement in itself) and rising fish.  The fish were nobody's fools  as both wade fishermen and boats have been parked there for the last two weeks. As the evening progressed there were paralep and hendrickson duns and an ever increasing number of spinners on the water.  The fish were hard to fool at first but as the light dimmed the odds tipped in favor of the fishermen.

Tomorrow is going to be another scorcher, if you are coming for more than one day bring your spinners,  get here by seven and stay 'til dark. You'll have fun.  If you are planning a one day trip, wait a day until it cools off.


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