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The first trip down.

Posted on April 12 2019

Never known for my technical wizardry, my first post of the year never found it's way to the Troutfitter web page (it can be viewed by Googling  "Angler 119's  Delaware River Fishing reports").  David at the Troutfitter has assured me that the way has been cleared for this and future efforts to appear in their usual place on their website.

After an enjoyable week of bonefishing with long time friends the first week of April, my wife and I headed for home early Tuesday morning.  The traffic was relatively light and we arrived home about 3:00 pm on Wednesday.

Drove down to the camp today to open things up and see if it was time to put my 28 year old hot water heater and refrigerator out to the curb.  Apparently the winter off did them both a world of good as the water was hot and the refrigerator cold within the first half hour.  Seems they are both planning on out lasting me.

With the reservoirs filled to the brim, the releases have been steadily increased to a point where the warm air and any sun will have a difficult time raising water temps high enough to produce meaningful hatches.  To be sure there have been stoneflies, micro caddis, some small olives and a few paraleps.  The trout were seen occasionally rising during lower water conditions last week  but my stops along the river today found neither bugs nor risers.  There was a  south wind that had waves on the pools which made it difficult to see much of anything.

Headed for home about four thirty in a rain storm that I drove out of just north of Binghamton.

Made a note to myself that I should locate my trout reels and put them in my gear bag before my next trip down.


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