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The fishing (where I fished) was nothing to write home about.

Posted on August 12 2023

 At 7:00 am it was foggy with a mist/drizzle that had water dripping off the porch roof. The weatherman said chance of showers. My hopes were dashed by Jean's phone call at 8:00 am. First thing she said was "What a beautiful day, sunshine and a nice breeze, I've already opened up the windows". Our house in Lafayette is about 35 miles west of Lordville and fronts coming from the west get there first. By 10:30 the sun was out and by noon there was a breeze. The dreaded first day of high pressure when a low moves out. Neither fish or fishermen like it. Fish won't rise and if they do fishermen can't get the fly to them in the wind.

Went up to Deposit at 1:00 and found sulfurs being blown downstream so fast the waxwings had trouble catching them. Didn't see a rise from the iron bridge in town down to the Men's Club. Found a little place that was sorta sheltered from the worst of the wind where three good fish were rising. Took my time, cast only during the lulls, and hooked the first and second fish on the first cast to each fish. It was at least the fifth or sixth cast before I got a sulfur in front of the third fish. He actually came a good six inches to his left, opened his mouth so wide I could see his tonsils, and closed his mouth in what looked to me like a grin, leaving my sulfur to ride the wake he created. I tipped my hat and moved downstream where the highlight of an hours effort was another big mouth coming up to eat the sulfur as I was picking it up at the end of the float. 

Headed  back to the Lordville estate for a power nap while I pondered where to spend the evening. Was awakened by a cold call at 6:00 and decided to head east. Fished a riff  on the EB where I had my way with fish two or three weeks ago. It wasn't to be today. Rose about the same number of fish, but got mostly refusals. Finally hooked a nice brown on a floating nymph after he had refused an iso. Looked in his mouth and there was a fresh hook wound in his tongue. Someone had fished the riff before me. Reeled it in early and headed back to the camp. 


  • Steve: August 13, 2023

    A119 – I am curious. You often write that you spent time at the vise tying the day’s supply of sulphurs (or other patterns). You seem to burn through a lot of inventory or do you just always like to have some fresh ones on hand? Do you make some sort of tweak to your patterns so frequently you need to tie more? Love to read your reports.

  • Dennis: August 12, 2023

    Finally was able to leave the golf course and get to the river. I fished above the tressel and had a good day. I lost 3fish landed one 15in brown and so many refusals I lost count. The fish we’re up all day. I fished from 11 til 4:30. Left for pizza with my wife.
    The Hatch started at 11:30 and went most of the day. It stopped when I left.
    Thanks for the report

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