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The gloom of Mordor returns.

Posted on May 03 2019

It morphed back into another overcast, drizzly kind of day where the temp struggles to get out of the mid fifties.  The sun loving caddis slept in and never made an appearance. The hendricksons didn't both showing up until the appointed hour of three. 

The fishing was condensed into the 3:00  -  5:00 Hendrickson  hatch period and with neither morning caddis nor evening spinners it made for a short day.

Found three nice fish in tailouts sipping Hendricksons.  All three ate my fly and all three came unstuck.  Found a good number of splashy risers in the faster runs.  They were feeding in the water column and wouldn't even look at my fly.  If I hadn't let my fly drag in the current while waiting for a rise I would have been skunked.  Was awfully nice to the 13 incher that ate the dangler.

When the hatch shut off about 5:00 everything stopped.  When the predicted evening rain started about 5:30 no one had to talk me into heading for the camp.

At this time of year rainy days are not what you want.  Sunshine heats up the water, increases the hatch periods, makes the caddis happy and leads to evening spinner falls. It also rarely rains when the sun is shining.  It's time we got some.


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