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The Hot Air Balloon Sprung A Leak.

Posted on August 26 2023

On the Delaware system you are often brought back down to earth quickly. Went from my best day of the year to narrowly escaping another skunking. Woke this morning sure nothing could derail me. There was the same misty rain as yesterday. Went in to the bench and tied more olives. It wasn't until noon that I looked at the stream flows and realized that most all of the freestone fishing had been taken off the table. The BR was out, as was most of the BK and EB. 

Didn't even venture out until 3:30. Fished a spot on the EB where I could at least get off shore and rose four fish in two hours. One refused (3Xs), one ate just as I was picking up my cast (he got a souvenir), two others ate and I landed one of them, an eleven inch rainbow that was THE fish of the day in more ways than one.

Stopped for an hour on a slow water pool on the BK where I couldn't get more than twenty feet off shore. On my second iso cast I rose the Titanic. He had no intention of eating the fly but boy was he huge. It was the only rise I had or saw despite there being both olives and ants on the water. Quit at 6:30 as my granddaughter's volleyball season starts tonight at 8:00, and I plan on watching (even though she hasn't returned my "Good luck" call) . 

Have a somewhat muddled schedule this coming week. Will not be back to the fishing camp until Tuesday and on Thursday Jean and I may be driving out to Ohio to take in three of our granddaughter's games. Fish the freestones. If you can possibly stay until dark you should. Good luck to all.


  • Dennis 2: August 26, 2023

    I have been taking the cue from you regarding driving around looking for bugs and rising fish to see at least one before jumping in to fish. Yesterday, there were lots of fishermen driving up and down the BK and Willow doing the same. apparently no one was able to find either. Unless the size 26 or smaller olives count; the fish seemed unimpressed. The few spots I tried, I got refusals. one broke off as I picked up the fly to recast. I did catch a 5 inch minnow for my efforts.
    Headed home early.

  • Ed Smith: August 26, 2023

    Angler119-Boy , what a tough day. it always amazes me how the fishing can vary so much from day to day or even one hour to the next. Enjoy your granddaughters volleyball games. Sounds wonderful . Ed

  • Jim N: August 26, 2023

    What a roller coaster things can be up there. From hero to (near) zero in a day. I’m looking forward to olives and ISOs!

    Have a safe trip and enjoy watching Libero119 play!!

  • Dennis : August 26, 2023

    I was heading to the freestone’s today but when I saw the flows changed plans. Helping Adrian with a tree stand. I am looking forward to the change of scenery and less pressured fish on the free stones. Safe travels to Ohio and we’ll keep you posted. I will be working on the bench to see if I can remove my butt imprint from it.
    Thanks for the info

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