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The Hourly Catch Rate Was Great.

Posted on July 19 2023

After yesterday's experience fishing the "afternoon sulfurs", I was in no hurry to go back. In fact, I decided that I would get the mowing done in lieu of fishing.  Also watered and staked up the tomatoes, tied a half dozen sulfurs, did the Tuesday crossword and sudoku and still had time for a nap.  

About 6:00 I headed out,  with a desire to see both how many fishermen were on the river and where they were fishing. It didn't take long to find out. Drove up rte. 8 to Stilesville and there was a picket fence of anglers attacking the fish along the far bank from Cold Springs Brook all the way down to Butler Brook. To my delight, there was virtually no one below Butler brook. At almost 7:00, to my dismay, there were also neither rising fish nor hatching bugs. Stopped to chat with two river friends who were getting  ready to fish. Between the three of us there is over 150 years of flyfishing experience. What chance do the trout have? Gave thought to fishing further downstream but the current water level nixed that idea. Ended up wading into a pool I hadn't fished yet this year and was glad I did.

The fishing - With the sun hidden behind both the smoke and the hill, the sulfurs started to hatch. At first the bigger fish were happy to feed on them subsurface while the one and two year old's ate duns. Was joined by a Troutfitter regular who entered the pool well downstream from me. As the hatch increased there was also an increase in surface feeding activity and some of the fish began eating the wrong flies. Saw the TFR net several fish downstream from me while I busy separating the fish, flies and algae in my net. Waste deep in the water I got cold enough that tying on a new fly with wet shaking hands became a challenge. Drove back to the fishing camp with the heater on and a smile on my face. It was a good night.


  • Dennis : July 19, 2023

    I have a couple questions.
    Which action is better for dry fly presentations a medium action or fast action?
    What are the types of brown trout in the WB

  • Dennis : July 19, 2023

    I fished the Stilesville area last night and netted 2 small fish. The hatch was sparse at best. Really wasn’t any consistent risers. I was glad to catch 2fish. I moved down stream and saw fish rising. It ended up to be a good night. I netted 5 more fish and enjoyed Wendy’s on the way home!!!

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