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The kind of July day only fishermen hope for.

Posted on July 22 2019

After the two very good days on Thursday and Friday I was anxious to get back to the river. The forecast calling for an all day rain with the temp in the 60's did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm. Set out about 2:30 and drove up the PA side. Saw a few little olives at Buckingham, more at Shehawken and quite a few at the 191 bridge in Hancock. Decided to try it on the lower WB and was glad I did. Had rising fish (mostly rainbows) from the time I started until 7:00 when I reeled it in and headed for the camp.

As often happens, something made me stop and take a peek at the BR, which because of the thermal release has stayed cool. Temp on PA side was 62 but at 7:30 there were neither bugs nor risers. Still had my waders on so I decided to wait it out. Wasn't more than 10 minutes before olives started to come (big ones) and the fish started to rise. From then until dark I had rising fish to throw at.

The fishing? Already told you - very good. Early on the fish were eating nymphs and there were some refusals and ignores. As the hatch progressed there were more fish willing to take dries. Started out losing the first three fish which probably contributed to the thickening of the fog on the river. The fish were mostly all two and three year olds with a 17 inch rainbow taking fish of the day.

Last time I looked, the prediction for the rest of the week was for sunshine and moderate temps. Not bad for mid July but don't expect another day like today. Betcha DRC has a fish of the day pic with a fish in it tomorrow morning.


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