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The last hurrah ! (perhaps).

Posted on October 20 2016

After yesterdays fiasco I set out this afternoon to try to right the ship.  It rained all morning and was overcast with the threat of more rain to come.  In short, it was a day tailor made for pseudos and I was determined to make the most of it. Found a pool on the Beaverkill with rising fish and no other fishermen (there were lots of fishermen on the river today). Descended a steep bank and and found fish feeding on what might charitably be called a "sparse pseudo hatch". I hooked the first fish I cast to and then worked my way up through several rising fish without so much as a sniff from the intended targets. With one fish left to cast to the wind picked up and the fish quit rising.  Finally the fish rose in a lull and I hooked my second fish, it was good I did as the wind returned and all rising ceased.

Drove to several pools with the wind blowing harder and  no fish rising.  Left for the Upper
East where I could at least escape the wind.  Found a quiet pool covered with pseudos and rising fish.  Had a great hour and a half of fishing until things shut down at about 6:15.

With wind and rain scheduled for the next few days I am heading home to renew acquaintances with my patient and loving wife. Depending on stream levels, air temps and wind conditions this may have been my last day on the river this season..  If so, things ended on a pleasant note.

If you have the time and desire there is still plenty of fishing.  Look for cold nasty conditions, fish during the "heat of the day" (2:00 to  5:00)  and bring your pseudos!

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  • The Fading Angler: October 25, 2016

    Hey 119 – I’m in the area from out of state and brought my fly angling gear. Any thoughts on fishing the Delaware this Friday around Deposit?

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