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The "last one shirter"

Posted on October 21 2015

It wasn't pseudo weather but with the temperature pushing up towards 80 degrees, it was a beautiful day to be on the water.

Fished the big river, the big EB and the Beaverkill.  Didn't see twenty mayflies all afternoon.  There were caddis (both brown and black) in the air. Those little black midges the trout were on yesterday? Never made an appearance.  At least I now have a half dozen in my fly box should they ever return.

The fishing?  Had rising trout (good ones) from three thirty until six thirty.  What were they eating?  Not my fly.  There was a good hatch of the tiny midges that are the bane of Delaware River fishermen.They are far too small to imitate and the trout lock in on them and eat nothing else.

That said, I fished three hours with every cast aimed at a rising fish.  Hooked six and landed four with a nice eighteen inch rainbow being the "fish of the day".

Fall fishing is different. The window of opportunity gets shorter and shorter. If you can hook two fish an hour on the Delaware you are doing great.  The problem in the fall is that there are only two or three hours of fishing.

Better get out and give it one last try, it's six long months 'til Hendricksons.


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