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The lightning bugs are gone.

Posted on July 23 2020

Found time to paint the fascia board at the peak of the house where the electric comes in, two windows and the window section of the garage door.  Also applied "Sedge Hammer" to the yellow nut sedge in the back yard. Left for fishing right at eleven hoping it wouldn't rain for four hours ( the time necessary for the Sedge Hammer to be rain proof).

Should have left earlier as both the sulfurs and fish were going full blast when I got there at 11:30. There was a choice of empty pools, took one I hadn't fished in quite a while and was into fish right away. It helps to be able to see both your fly and the rises (no fog).  Was refused at the vary last second by several good fish but had lots of takers in the two year old group.  At 2:00 the bugs and fish were still going strong but I was tired, hungry and needed to tie flies. Left ate lunch, tied flies screwed up a Sudoku and never did get that nap.

Back out on the river about 7:00 in a pool I have wanted to fish all week.  It's been pounded by a steady stream of anglers and it showed.  There were bugs hatching and fish feeding but boy were they careful.  Hooked a nice rainbow in the nose (probably came up to see how it smelled), and landed half of the other six fish I hooked.  Same story as last night, a lot of fish looked but not many ate flies with hooks in them.

I don't buy into that old phrase " That's why they call it fishing, not catching.  I want to catch 'em all.  That's why you have to try to observe and improve.  I almost never catch a fish that has refused my fly, even though I change flies. Several of the good fish this morning went back to feeding and I tried them again, sometimes an hour later, never rose a one.  Got to make the first cast count then move on to the next fish..


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