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The Mayor of Lordville is - gone.

Posted on September 06 2019

I've spent summers in Lordville since I bought the "Lordville Estate" back in '91. Don Holton was the Mayor of Lordville then and in my mind he always will be. Received an email from Grace his wife that Don, who had battled congestive heart failure, passed away Wednesday while taking a nap (we should all be so lucky). Spent an hour talking with him a week or so ago never dreaming that I would never see him again. If you live long enough you have to say goodbye to an awful lot of good friends, Don was one. I will miss him, to me he was Lordville.

For those of you who didn't know Don and have clicked on this site in hopes of getting some information about how or where to fish on the Delaware, know this: I tried the Big East down low near Hancock hoping to find that fish have begun moving back into their cool water haunts. I found not a shred of evidence that this is happening. Nary a rise. Wait a while on the BE.

Fished a couple of pools on the Big River in the evening and found some evidence of fish movement. Some fish have clean mouths and are quite lean. Others are quite fat and if you look, have hook marks in their mouths. The fatter fish with the hook marks probably are migrating from where they spent the hot summer months. I fished one of the same pools a week or so ago and caught only the "lean" fish. Don't know if the increased WB flows are the cause or if it's just time, but some fish are moving.


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