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The River System doesn't get any better than this - rating Awesome!!!

Posted on May 28 2020

Yesterday morning I disdained my raincoat even though it started to drizzle when I was only 50 yards from the car.  Caught up with those pesky caddis (remember that they only hatch in the sunshine), and a bunch of BR fish. It was a carbon copy of two days ago and I told any caddis that would listen that I was in it for better or worse until death do us part. The rain didn't even dampen my spirit.  It drizzled most of the morning but the caddis didn't seem to mind and neither dd I.

The morning was so good that all I needed to do in the afternoon was tie more caddis (the drizzle took care of my lawn watering needs).  Didn't go out until six and that was way too early.  By about 8:00 things started to happen. There were bugs and fish everywhere. Got ignored a lot and refused a couple of times but I had to stick my reel in the water several times to keep it from over heating.

Things you need to know - The river system is full of fish with all year classes well represented. All of the fish have been fished to and do not suffer fools or eat dragging flies.  The farther you get from the boat traffic the better chance you have of hooking up.  There is good morning fishing throughout the system.  The big bugs are (with the high water temps) not hatching until near dark. If you want a good chance to catch a big fish, make sure you have two flash lights and  DO NOT LEAVE THE RIVER BEFORE 9:15.

"Lotsa Luck", as West Branch Angler says every time they write a report.


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  • Dennis Molter: May 29, 2020

    Great Blog I read it every morning. Thanks for the tips and info.
    See you on the river

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