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The second boat.

Posted on September 22 2016

Gave the morning fishing a try today and was glad I did. Fished several places on the upper part of the big east and the lower reaches of the Beaverkill. Found at least one fish every place I stopped but I never rose more than three in any one place. They were all rainbows and most took the fly on blind casts. If I were to fish those same places tomorrow my report would probably be less positive. There just aren't many fish that have moved back into the thermally stressed areas. It's heading towards October but the water has just been too warm.

Stayed at the camp all afternoon. With the cloudless sky, bright sun and hot temps, I had no desire to fish. Left at 5:00 and drove up river without a plan. Buckingham had several fishermen and numerous trailers . Stockport had two trailers and one car. I thought about it and passed. It has been heavily fished lately and the lack of cars speaks for itself. Saw boats at every view point as I drove on. At Balls Eddy a lone trailer was parked in the lot. At the game lands, not a car in either lot. Even I can put up with one boat.

Walked up river (it was colored and hard to see bottom in 18 inches of water) to where I wanted to fish. There were enough olives on the water to entice fish if the wanted to eat. There were a few fish rising (once each) and if you were close enough to make a cast you sometimes got a look or even a take. It's amazing how well fish see in that muddy water. I try hard not to be insulted by the refusals. As on previous trips to the WB, it didn't start until the sun was off the water and it was over while the sun still lit the tops of the hills.

Oh - the boat. As soon as I got to where I planned on fishing I saw "the boat" coming down the opposite shore. The guys were casting streamers against the far bank and caused me no problem whatsoever. However, the second boat, (they were together) came down my side of the river and the guide rowed right in front of me. While one sport threw a spinning lure and the other waved.


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