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The State Fair was a "better place to be".

Posted on September 04 2017

With the bright sun, warm temp and "delightful"  breeze, it was a day best spent perhaps taking advantage of dollar day at the fair.  It sure was not a great day to be on the river.

There was no place to hide on the big river and after a bugless, riseless hour I called it quits and headed for more sheltered water.  My ill chosen stop on the Beaverkill was more of the same, the only good thing was it only took me about ten minutes to figure it out.

The UEB had a modest number of fishermen seeking shelter from the wind and a large number of kayakers out enjoying the last day of the holiday weekend.  I usually don't fish the UEB on the weekends but have not had a problem with kayakers who almost always go out of their way not to disturb your fishing.

Today there was no getting away from the wind or the kayaks.  The wind came around corners like a  Nascar driver at Darlington.  The kayakers were courteous as usual but their sheer numbers made fishing difficult.

The fishing?  On the UEB there were olives and a few fish trying to eat them.  The wind decided when and where your cast would land.  Almost never was that anywhere near where you wanted it to be.  Around six o'clock the sun went behind the hills and the wind backed off to a light breeze.  By then I was in my third pool on the UEB.  There were fish feeding but I never saw a body part other than the dorsal fin or the tip of the tail.  (For you bobber throwers, this is not good news for dry fly fishermen as it means the fish are eating subsurface.)

Tomorrow's weather prediction calls for an inch of rain.  We don't need that much but a windless day, with a light rain and overcast skies would be for fishermen, what today was for the people who took in the last day of the fair.  Ideal.


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