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The sulfurs are hatching (and their spinners are falling).

Posted on June 26 2020

Cooler days and hatching sulfurs have fishing on an upswing. The water levels are excellent for wading while challenging for drift boaters. All fishermen and guides should refrain from fishing the BR below Stockport  and on most days even fishing below junction pool should be avoided.  A significant rise in the water combined with  cooler temps would sure be welcomed by all.

Painting (and cleanup) ran overtime this morning and I didn't get on the river until 2:00.  Was  able to find an empty run  on the WB near Deposit.  A couple of anglers walked up to where I was fishing but both gave me plenty of space.  The fish on the WB are as tough to fool as any trout I have ever fished for anywhere. If I was awarded a dollar for every refusal (when the trout rises but doesn't eat your fly)  I've had the last two days I could take my wife out to dinner at the fanciest restaurant she could find (after the Covid pandemic) and still have enough money left for a generous tip.

Fished two to five, hooked five and landed two and felt I did well. There were some good fish feeding (very carefully) and all of the fish hooked were three year olds (15/16 inches). Can't stress enough, throwing the same fly over a feeding fish (even if he didn't refuse it ) is a waste of time.  Change flies often and if possible move around enough to cast at different fish.

Went back out at 7:00.  Drove by the game land lots where twenty cars were equally divided between the upper and lower lots.  Had my hopes up as there were only three trailers at Balls Eddy.  Kept going and found a spot above Hale Eddy where I saw only one other angler.  Three drift boats came by, one (unguided) came within twenty feet of me, rowed threw the pod I was fishing to and cast at all the other fish in the area.

The evening fishing - is a must do.  Sulfurs are hatching and the fish are up feeding but the best part is  the spinners fall.  When the first noses appear switch to a spinner.  When fish are feeding exclusively on top (spinner time) you finally have them where you want them.  Fishing to sulfur spinner eaters, while facing into the light of the western sky had me getting back to the car at 9:50 (and it wasn't that long a walk). Some nice fish got sore mouths tonight.


  • Jim Fleckenstein: June 27, 2020

    You should take Jean out to that restaurant anyway, never mind the fish…

  • Dick: June 27, 2020

    See lack of etiquette on the Farmington almost every time we fish it…2-3,times a week… from “guides”….loosely used….as well as fishermen…,
    If a “guide” lacks etiquette his client probably will
    learn from it.
    We fish the WB often… actually be there 6 days later this week. Lack of etiquette happens there, but not nearly as often on the crowded Farmington

  • Walter: June 27, 2020

    I think etiquette is getting worse than I’ve ever seen. This is the first year I’ve ever had another angler greet me from the other side of the river….comment on how big the rising fish in front of me appears (which I was casting to)….and start casting to the same fish ??? That stuff happens on the Farmington River all the time ….but I also thought the Upper D had a bit more class….. Just have to laugh sometimes.

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