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The times they are a changing.

Posted on September 18 2016

The hummingbirds have gone, the camp buck is strutting around with his shiny new three inch spikes ( the does are NOT impressed) and last night the screens had more than a dozen pumpkin (October) caddis on them.

I've been whining a bit about the lack of rainy, cloudy days and today we got one. So what did I do? Went fishing of course. Was it as good as I hoped it would be? No. Was it worth going? You betcha!

Started at Lordville and kept my perfect record. No bugs and no fish. Third time I've fished there since they jacked up the water and still haven't seen a fish. Moved up to the WB to take advantage of the low water. Most of the river has been unwadeable for the last few weeks and I hoped maybe the fish had gotten careless. Apparently I was not alone in this thinking because I was surrounded by anglers and run over by boats in both places I tried. Did hook a few small fish and got refused by a good one in the melee.

Got back to the car and headed down to the big river again. This time well up from Lordville. Hooked a 12 incher in the first five minutes and I'm glad I did because otherwise I would have left after an hour without seeing a fish. Things picked up after that as a few isos hatched and the fish seemed to at least be looking up. There never was a hatch of anything but the isos and I didn't see more than a couple dozen of them. The fish, however, were more than happy to at least come up and look at my fly.

From noon until seven when a thunderstorm sent me scurrying for the car, I hooked 10 and landed seven, four of which were rainbows between 18 and 19 inches. It's been a long time since we had a day when there were fish willing to rise before the sun went behind the hill.

Rainy days on Sunday always make me glad.


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