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The USWNT and Netherlands played to a 1 - 1 tie

Posted on July 27 2023

With rain predicted for most of Thursday I decided to take care of some outside work this morning. Tied some flies and by noon I was ready to go. Decided to take a look at the UEB and see if there were any sulfurs up above Corbett. Got as far as the Sunoco Station in East Branch and was surprised to find the river muddy. Apparently it got hit by a thunderstorm around midnight which raised the level at Harvard to 400cfs. A nice fishing level - if - the water was clear. Scrubbed the drive up rte.30 and headed for Deposit where I planned to fish in the evening. Made arrangements with the proprietor of the Troutfitter Inn for a two hour room rental after fishing (promised I wouldn't dirty the sheets) and at 4:00 I went fishing. 

There were a few sulfurs still/already (take your pick) hatching and a corresponding number of rising fish. Had no trouble getting rising fish to come up and look at my flies but getting them to eat was difficult as usual. After an hour or so both the hatching and feeding picked up and I saw more good fish feeding. They continued to be willing to look at my fly and a few even ate it. It was then that the algae came into play. Whenever I hooked a good one, downstream he went where he acquired an ever increasing glob of the slimy green stuff on both the leader and his nose. The results became predictable as I lost seven seemingly good sized fish while landing two seventeen inchers. As the hours went by more and more fish were eating duns with the action peaking around eight. When the bugs slowed down the fish that were still rising were much more willing to eat my flies. Was able to land enough two and three year old's to make it a really enjoyable five hours of fishing. 

Quit at 8:55 so I could take full advantage of the two hour room rental.        


  • DENNIS 2: July 28, 2023

    A119, Like you I watched the US Netherlands game. In the first half the US back four basically played so deep that the other 6 field players had to deal with all 10 of the Dutch players, even going so far as to retreat about 30 yards when a single Dutch attacker dribbled into their half with noone to challenge her. Second half the back 4 for the US joined the game and the US dominated, but despite many opportunities could manage only one goal.

  • Ed Smith: July 27, 2023

    Angler119-Sounds like you had a fun evening and landed some nice fish . Kudos. I hit the Willow early, it was foggy and the water temps were still in the low 60’sMaitain my status as the “king of the stockers “landing 6 fish that were midging in shade on a kimball emerger.. Stopped around 10, water warming up. Went to the UEB in the afternoon, the water was a little off color and seemed to get worse as you moved downstream.Had a nice chat with Mike O. Who had the same experience you did the night before, great hatch and then the t-storm. Didn’t go to the WB thinking it might be muddy. Managed one little brown(very little) on a sulpher emerger. But we didn’t stay late having gotten up at 4:30 for the drive up from NJ. Still a lot of fun. Ed Smith

  • Dennis: July 27, 2023

    A119 I give you a lot of credit!! I fished from 3-9and I am benched. I had a fair amount of refusals but no eaters.
    When fishing is tough like theirs do you always go smaller in size.? The fish I watched eat Dunn’s were eating large size Dunn’s. Do you switch to different patterns of sulfurs or go to something totally different. Would you cast a BWO in a sulfur hatch??

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