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The way it was.

Posted on October 01 2017

It was 38 on the porch this morning and the sun didn't burn through the fog until about 10:30.  After that things warmed up quickly.  Left the camp in bright sunshine at 1:30 with the air temp at 64 degrees.  After yesterdays efforts to find a place to fish on the UEB and Beaverkill without being set upon by the weekend warriors, I opted to fish a piece of the BE that sees lots of boats during higher water but is not often crowded with wade fishermen.

From two until six I fished three pools without seeing another fisherman.  I hooked at least one fish in each pool, landing four of the six fish hooked.  Some of the fish were the 1 and a half year olds now about 11 inches long.  One was a mature fish that summered in the EB, long, thin and quite weak.  One was a mature fish that had found a better place to spend July and August, she was fat and sassy.

From what I've seen there are a few fish in every pool in the BE.  When I say a few, I mean a few.  Most pools have been fished and the fish in those pools are very hard to catch.  With the low water conditions there has been very little fish movement back up the EB.  If you are coming down for a day, fish somewhere else.

Of Note:  The six fish I hooked were all on "blind casts".  I saw five fish rise and threw at all of them, never got a look.


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