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Posted on June 18 2018

Fished both branches and the big river today with mixed results.

The BR:  With the 700 cfs release from Stilesville the middle section of the BR was in play today.  The release was cut back to just under 400 cfs again at noon and any amount of sunshine will put the water temp over 70.  Today the river had browns and rainbows willing to eat a fly with a hook in it (always a good thing) and I did better there than anywhere else.

The UEB:  Drove from the Sunoco station in East Branch to Downsville.  There were two fishermen.  Guess where they both ended up?   Parked my car and walked down a path to the river, watched several fish rising to a modest sulfur hatch and decided to suit up.  Donned my gear and returned to the river to find another angler standing right where the fish were rising. He had to have fished his way downstream a long way to get there but he was there before me.  Debated whether to drive to another pool or walk downstream to the next pool. The next pool won.  Was glad it did as there were bank sippers eating sulfurs and I spent two hours trying to get them to eat mine. A few did, most didn't, but they were quality fish and the time flew by.

The WB:  Forgedaboutit,  Got there too early in the morning.  With the big release from Stilesville the water was too cold for bugs and fish. Came back too early in the afternoon, hooked a nice brown right off the bat, then fished another hour, never seeing a bug, a rise or another fish.

The river syster:  The big bug season may or may not be over.  I avoid crowds so I'm the last person to ask, but  both the number of boats and fishermen have dropped way off.  It's not that the fish are ever easy but without being rowed over every ten minutes and being thrown at constantly they are starting to feed on top.  If we get decent water temps, sulfurs and olives the rest of the year could be better than the last six weeks (it was last year).


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