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Posted on May 07 2019

The BR, BE and the lower portion of the BK are all entering into the Doldrums,  (the dead period between Hendricksons and March Browns).  The peak of the Monday night caddis  upriver migration centered around the 17 rest area just downstream from East Branch.  My windshield that was covered with green caddis eggs Monday night was untouched tonight.

The concentration of boats on the WB today was among the worst I've seen, put-in and take-out lots were jammed and the river seemed to have a boat every hundred yards. Why?  The two branches have been running much colder than the freestones and the Hendrickson hatches are just starting on the water up top in both rivers.

Except for the BK, the wade fishermen are as scarce as hens teeth.  Rivers at current flow rates are both dangerous and intimidating to wade fishermen.  I have tried to keep away from the heavy boat traffic.  The fish have become very difficult to catch where the boats are concentrated and I for one, never envisioned fly fishing in a mall parking lot. With the Hendrickson hatch now concentrated on the two branches and wade fishing opportunities limited by high water the prospects of success are grim.

A wade fishermans best chance of catching fish under current conditions is to seek out places that are safe to wade, (around islands where the river is split up is a good bet) and watch the boats.  Fish the shore or channel that the boats don't go down.  You won't find as many fish but they will be far more likely to eat your fly.

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  • Marty Talcik. Syracuse: May 08, 2019

    How come you do not fish upper e. Branch much??

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