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The weekend outlook.

Posted on August 25 2017

If you are at a loss for what to do this weekend, ask your wife, she's got a list.  If you have already planned on fishing the Delaware River system - do it, it's fishing very well.

There are tricos on the WB below monument, on the big river and on the EB below Shinhopple. With the cold nights you don't have to be here early.  Trico spinner fall occurs when the air temp reaches about 69 degrees.  If the waxwings haven't eaten them all, the trout will be up top feeding.

For dry fly guys like me, mid day is time to tie flies or take a nap.

Around 3:00 head up the UEB and look for a place with no other fishermen.  Most all of the  boats on the UEB emanate from the B----- House in Roscoe and even they seldom float the river when it's below 300 cfs (not because they care about ruining your fishing, they just don't want to put holes in their boats).  There may not be much going when you get there but the olives are coming and the fish are ready.  Unless you like to change flies, start with the smallest olive you have.  The fish have been hooked on the bigger ones and avoid them like a STD.

When things start to quiet down (around six) you have three options.  One, head home.  Two, head for a local Gin Mill to either celebrate or drown your sorrows.  Three, wait and see if there is an olive spinner fall.  If you choose three, it may be great like it was Wednesday night, or it may be too cold like tonight and the spinners will just wait until morning.

That said, this was the best week of summer fishing I've had in a long, long time.  Go for it!


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