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Posted on September 15 2020

 What a difference a week makes.  Last week the temps were in the 80s and I had to check the water temp before fishing the BR.  This week with frost warnings, the orchids are spending their nights on the porch, the isos are hatching in the afternoon, there are pseudos on the UE and everything shut down an hour before dark.

Said goodbye to the last Hummingbird this morning. She was filling up at the feeder and I didn't see her again for the rest of the day.  Got the new bow along with several helpful pointers from the Olympic archer.  He said maybe I could give him a few pointers on fishing in return but I seriously doubt he needs any. The deer in the backyard are busy growing their winter coats but the three spike horns are still in the velvet. On the way down yesterday there was a bit of color along the road.  The Sumacs are starting to show their bright orange and red and the stressed trees are showing some of their fall colors. It's not time for the "Leaf Freaks" to head for the hills but the seasons they are a changin.

The fishing:  Left early hoping to find isos hatching mid afternoon, they were but I never saw one of them eaten by a trout. Got refused five times before hooking a 14 inch hatchery fish on an olive.  Tipped my fedora, left the BK and headed to  the EB. Found pseudos hatching and lots of fish up and eating.  The only trouble was that they were all yearlings.  In two hours of fishing the only fish I landed over 11 inches was a 16 inch hatchery fish.  Have had good evening fishing on the BR.  Left the UE and drove to the BR only to find the doors locked and a closed sign in the window.  There were no bugs hatching, no spinners in the air or on the water and no fish to be seen. 


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