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Posted on July 20 2016

Last Friday morning I drove into the parking lot at Junction Pool.  To my surprise no one was there.  I didn't see any fish working in the tailout but there were a couple of rises in the bubble line upstream.  A couple times a year I'll fish up from the parking lot to the actual junction and then up the WB.  So I decided today would be one of those days. I walked up stream to where you can cross and started for the PA side when I started seeing heads - lots of them - eating Trico spinners. Where were my tricos?  Back at the camp.  Threw every spinner I had at them, got four open mouthed refusals and no hookups.

Came back to the camp too late for Tricos on Monday and Tuesday I wanted to checkout the EB tricos.  This morning I returned to Junction Pool armed with my Tricos and ready to do business.  Pulled into the parking lot at nine with the temp at 62, well ahead of the spinner fall.

So how did I do?  There were five cars of fishermen in the lot ahead of me.  They and four fishermen from the club on the other side were all fishing where the fish were last Friday.  There was no one at the tailout so I went downstream (all the way to Lake Lanore), never saw a fish eating tricos but I never saw another fisherman and I did find a few fish willing to eat an olive.

Think I saw a golden eagle and six canoes filled with young girls singing songs and having the time of their lives.  Half an hour after they went by I could still hear the sound of their paddles banging into the side of the canoes as they exited Lake Lanore.

A chance like I had last Friday happens once or twice a year - I missed it!


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