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Posted on August 08 2017

After losing a battle with a scalpel wielding dermatologist yesterday morning I spent the rest of the day on the recliner with an ice pack for company.  For those who were able to fish it was the kind of day you hope for and dream about.  An all day rain with cool enough temps to have the water covered with olives.  Hope your day was better than mine.

Set out from home today with the intent of fishing the trico hatch.  The 61 degree temp when I left home had warmed up to 66 by Binghamton.  Not a good sign.  When I turned onto 17 the cloud cover increased and the temp dropped back to 64.  Arrived streamside at 66 degrees and set out on a rather lengthy walk to my fishing spot.  It was midway between the two places where I had found tricos last week and I was sure there would be a good spinner fall.  Never saw a trico or a fish.  Later heard the same report from someone who was there Monday. You never know 'til you go.

On the way back to the camp I tried a couple of little places that have been too warm to fish the past few weeks.  Caught a nice rainbow at each stop.  It was almost one o'clock when I finished up so I drove over to Deposit. When I drove by the Red Barn there was one fisherman and he was wading towards shore.  The waxwings were working the riff above the pool and I could see sulfurs in the air.  Paid my $5.00 and waded out into the pool.  Saw a couple splashy risers on the far side and threw one a fly he'd never been hooked on - he ate it - and as I was reaching for the net - he came unstuck.  There were enough bugs to get fish up but there were no other risers..  There just don't seem to be many fish in the Deposit section of the WB.  For bird lovers though, there is a flock of 25/30 Mergansers swimming up and down the river eating everything with fins.

Closed out the day on the big river.  With the cool water temps I was able to fish down low.  Wanted to see if some of the fish were able to stay in the lower river all summer.  Found a few fish and they were willing to eat but not enough fish to warrant going back right away soon.

Oh, almost forgot.  Last week I stumbled onto a batch or recently stocked 12 inch fish just below the sewage treatment plant in Deposit.  They had never seen a fly they didn't like.  Today, one week later, there were fourteen anglers lined up like a picket fence, trying to teach them the difference between an olive and a sulfur.


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