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There's no skunk in my waders.

Posted on July 03 2020

With the heat wave predicted to continue for a week or more I decided to try a split day.  Took advantage of the cool water on the PA side of the upper BR .  Fished two hours, never saw a bug hatch, saw one fish rise (he then came up and refused my caddis), and rose two fish blind casting. The first fish (a 17 inch rainbow) ate my spinner and sent the skunk skulking back into the woods.  The second refused an iso.

With the sun beating down mid-day I called in sick and didn't show up for the painting job. Drove around a bit and saw sulfurs hatching amidst the boats and wade fishermen crowded into the No-Kill section of the WB. There was not enough room for me to fish comfortably so I drove back to camp and fell asleep part way through Thursday's NY Times crossword puzzle.

 Felt no need to rush back out into the hot sun so I waited 'til 7:30 to head back up towards Deposit.  There were drift boats and wade fishermen everywhere. Ended up stopping at the Red Barn above Deposit, with no one else in the pool I didn't mind paying my five dollars to fish. In an the hour and a half eight fish rose to my fly.  Seven said "No thanks" and one ate.  The fight was brief, one shake of the head and gone.

In case you've lost track, that's eleven fish that rose to my flies. Nine fish found fault with the fly or the cast and refused it. Two ate it.  One came unstuck right away and the other kept the skunk out of my boots. 


  • JIM VAUGHAN: July 04, 2020

    How many striped bass are caught at Hale Eddy Bridge? We caught one last night.

  • Jack D: July 04, 2020

    The “red barn” is a spot I am unfamiliar with. Is this a “pay to fish” location?

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