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They read the owyhee report

Posted on July 15 2015

Yesterday was the day my wife and I set aside to can sour cherry jam
(an annual event).  Everything went well and I was able to leave for
the Delaware around 2:00, just in time to get caught in a monsoon
rainstorm between Tully and Whitney Point.  Thankfully the river
system was spared as there wasn't any rain on the river 'til almost

After opening up the camp, I decided to try the big river which,with
the 750cfs release from Cannonsville, has been running cold. The
rainbows were looking up and the first fish that ate my fly didn't
stop running until 30 feet of bright green backing was outside the tip
guide.  The second fish never got into the backing as a grayhound jump
seventy feet out broke the tippet. The third fish took off downstream
with me after him as fast as I could go.  When I got to the deep water
(200 feet downstream from where I started) I was looking at the empty
black spool through my remaining few turns of backing. The rain came
and the fish kept feeding, fat sassy rainbows out to show me what real
fish can do.

The Delaware River rainbows are second to none.  Had a great time out
west but one hot rainbow was enough to make me glad to be back.

If you get a chance try the big river while the water is still cold,
you won't be sorry.


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