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Posted on July 23 2015

Ever since the DEP maxed out the release from Cannonsville I have had
the river to myself. Today wade fishermen were everywhere. On the
upper EB, Long flat's 4 cars was topped by the 5 at the power line
pool. The big EB had one or two fishermen in every pool I could see in
my wanderings. There were four cars in the upper game lands lot and a
pickup truck at the lower gamelands lot.

A fisherman walked in on me in the first place I picked to fish. I
walked in on a fisherman in the second place I tried to fish. Seven
canoes and three kayaks went by me in the next place.  Ended the day
in relative solitude offering a souvenir to any fish willing to eat my
fly. Aided by an excess of adrenalin from a mildly frustrating day I
gave away two souvenirs.

Going to get up early tomorrow and beat the crowds to the stream.


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