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Posted on May 04 2018

Water levels are coming down.  Water temps have finally gotten into the 50's (except for the WB).  Hendricksons have made their appearance on the BR and on the BEB (there were even some apple caddis hatching on the BEB where I was fishing).  The dandelions (this is the last time I give them any ink) were in full bloom in everybody's yard.

The bugs: From 3:00 until 5:00 there was a modest hatch of Hendricksons (with the air temp again pushing 80 they didn't stay on the water long).  I was in the BK and UEB from 1:30 until 3:00 and never saw a bug or a rise.  Stopped on the BR about 5:15 and whatever went on there was over.

The fish:  There were rising fish on the BEB.  The rises were all the splashy caddis type.  For the most part the fish that did  rise only came once or twice.  If you tried to mark them and head to where they rose, you never saw them again.  The two or three fish that came up more than once within casting range moved around ten or twenty feet between rises, making it difficult to get the fly in front of them.

The fisherman:  He is frustrated to say the least.  The fish are feeding in the water column (not on top) and the feeding lasts somewhere between 10 minutes and an hour.  I have had twice as many fish refuse my fly as I have had take it ( and this is Hendrickson time).  It's difficult wading at current water levels and the places you can fish are limited.

The weather:  Who knows, we've had snow, 80 plus degrees, wind warnings , severe thunderstorm warnings, bright sun and light rain all in the last five days.  As I write this todays predicted severe wind has arrived along with a heavy rain storm.

 Maybe I should have stayed in the Keys and thrown at Tarpon. 


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