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Posted on October 17 2016

Checking the flow rates tonight I saw where the release from Pepacton has been increased from 108 to 264 CFS in an apparent attempt to balance the draw down needed to make minimum flow downstream..  While this will probably not significantly impact  the Dow Jones averages, it will have an effect on the East Branch fishing.  The additional flow will make for better conditions in the upper East Branch and MAY be enough to stimulate those fish still waiting for a flow  increase to migrate back up the big east from the main stem.

With the brown trout spawning period now upon us the outlook is bleak.  The fish cannot get up most of the tributaries and if by chance they do they are easy prey for any number of predators.  In short we need rain, lots of it.  Be aware of browns spawning in both branches.  Don't step on the spawning beds and do not fish for or disturb spawning trout. Also remember the upper regions of both branches are now closed to all fishing.

Today's Fishing?    Being a dry fly guy and not stupid (even if a little slow at times) I headed back to the Beaverkill.  The unseasonably warm weather is pleasant to fish in but is probably not helping the pseudo hatch.  Nevertheless the trout were up and rising on anything that floated by them without a hook in it.  The conditions remain difficult but the trout are there, the rest is up to you.

Yesterday I caught only "quality fish".  Today in my journey up the Beaverkill I fished a pool that had many 11 - 14 inch fish.  They looked at every fly with great care. In watching my fly on one cast I saw three fish look at and reject it.  As careful as they are some make mistakes and I had an enjoyable couple of hours there.  The next pool was quite shallow but had half a dozen good fish rising.  They were more than a match for me.  My best casts put fish down.  One refused my fly and the other fish 20 feet away stopped rising.  I did hook one good one who broke the tippet when the line caught on a rock. My last stop found several fish sipping happily at something I couldn't see in the fading light. Got half a dozen refusals on different flies.On my last cast of the day an 18 inch brown took pity on me and ate a spinner.  He was easily fish of the day.

It's  a beautiful time of year.  The scenery is unmatched and at least on the Beaverkill there are fish rising from 1:00 'til dark.  Who could ask for anything more?


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