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Posted on September 25 2016

I've done well lately fishing mornings and evenings and sitting out the middle of the day when the sun is at its brightest. It was 39 this morning (no bugs are stirring at that temp) so I waited 'til after lunch to head out. Heard rumors of pseudos hatching in the afternoon on the Beaverkill (they didn't where I was) so I drove over and pulled into one of the many "Angler Parking Lots" and was putting on my waders when a car pulled up next to me. It turned out to be someone I know from the Troutfitter. We had both heard the pseudo rumors and so we gave it a try. There were no bugs and nary a rise on the river, BUT we both found fish in a riffle below the pool where we started. They were rainbows, lots of them. Yearlings mostly, about 9 inches long. Not exactly what we were after but lots of little bows means lots of big bows in the next couple of years.

With nothing else going on at the Beaverkill, we headed to the Delaware where there were enough cars in the first two spots we tried to keep us from even stopping to take a look. The third spot was better, two guys with spinning gear and no one else. It was three thirty and the sun was still shining brightly, nary a cloud to be seen. The bugs were hatching. There are enough olives, isos and hebes (ugh) to get the fish up says I, but the fish disagreed. They flat out don't like the bright sun AND when the sun went behind the hill it got cold enough to shut the bugs down.

How was the fishing? Aside from the discovery of a bunch of yearling rainbows, it was poor. That doesn't change the fact that that guy from the Troutfitter caught twice as many fish as I did. Good for him!


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