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Posted on July 04 2020

With three hours of painting to get in before  my wife's arrival for the annual  Lordville 4th of July parade there was little thought given to fishing.  It's hot and the fish are tough to catch. Will attack them with a new array of flies, probably on Monday.  We polished off a 300 piece crossword puzzle (child's play), then took a drive up to the Beaverkill to fill my water jugs and look for trout in thermal refuges.  Filled the jugs and saw a good number of trout trying to survive under difficult conditions.

Since I usually don't fish on the weekends it's a good time to answer questions and thank commentors for any info passed along.

Dick - My old Winston is indeed an IM6  and I have often said it;s like an extension of my right arm.  The best trout rod I've ever fished with.

James -  I feel your pain, if you had gone one pool farther down the river you would have found me and a gentleman from Michigan enjoying a great sulfur hatch.  I spend a good part of each day driving to places where I can glass the river with Binoculars, looking for bugs and risers.  On an average day I fish three or four different places, often on different rivers. Sometimes I hit it right but not always. 30 years of experience probably gives me an edge as far as being in the right place at the right time but dumb luck helps me out more than you think. It's a hard river to learn and one of the hardest to reliably take fish in.

Dennis - I have a Circa which I believe is an 8 foot nine inch rod.  My Winston is a two piece and the Circa is a four piece which fits in my travel bag for trips. When fishing the Circa I bump into everything with the rod tip.  Apparently my brain does things I'm not aware of and is use to the length of the Winston not the Circa.  Manufactures make rods different length to keep you buying rods. How often would you buy a car if they were exactly the same each year.  Have heard good things about the rod you mentioned.

Jack - The Red Barn aka Pasture pool, is about a half mile upstream on the WB from the town bridge. It's not exactly a "secret spot", you pull up to the Park Here sigh against the red barn, put your $5 into the tin box go through the gate and fish to a lot of very smart fish.

Kip - It's always a plus to get information from other anglers. I'm but one guy and  could use all the help I can get.  Instead of a pulse, today they released a constant 625 for 24 hours.  It  kept the debree to a minimum and neither bugs nor fish should have been in shock from a big temp change.


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