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This isn't about the bear that rearranged everything in my car.

Posted on June 03 2019

To be honest, I was in no big hurry to go fishing today. Why? For at least the fourth time this year a frontal system has ushered in a new week, bringing with it a rising barometer, bright sun and strong, gusty winds. A deadly combo for all dry fly fishermen.

I didn't even fish when one front came through and was skunked the other two times. So, I went to my tooth cleaning appointment, got the car washed, bought food for the camp, went home to pack the car, watched a doe nurse her fawn 15 feet from the house in an effort to save it from coyotes and finally left for the camp.

Stopped on the way in Deposit to see how the Troutfitter Shop and motel were doing and lo the motel is open and doing business. The shop has been open for about three weeks and is doing fine. It's been quite a project, however, getting the motel rooms renovated. Of the eleven units six are now ready for occupancy. The other five units will be a winter project. It's the place to be if you are going to fish the summer sulfurs. You should stop by if you are fishing the Deposit area and give it a look. I suspect that with only six units available they will soon need to buy a "No Vacancy" sign.

As an aside - I asked Dave where they got some of the patterns for their dry flies. He said "We tied up flies we had success with on the Delaware and had the patterns duplicated". Sure was relieved to hear that because for a few minutes there, I thought they got hold of my dry fly boxes (all of them).

Back to Mondays fishing. At 6:00 everything was unpacked and put away but the wind was still howling. By 7:00 things had quieted down, there were fishermen out back so I went further downstream and found lots of bugs. There were march browns, gray foxes and a heavy hatch of sulfurs (no drakes). Walked almost a half mile of river and cast to five trout (there were quite a few fall fish feeding). Hooked three trout and landed two (13 inchers).

Some would say you got your tail kicked again. I say "I averted strike three".


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