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Posted on May 22 2018

For those who care, todays game was called after the fishermen batted in the top of the fifth.  The fish were the home team and were ahead so they didn't have to bat in the bottom of the fifth.

The water levels: It rained again.  If you can't look at the flow levels yourself, learn how to do it or you'll have a lot of "bad trips".

The water color: The color of the water is another thing.  Bonefishermen  know that it has become OK to fish in "smoke" but not "muds"  For those reading Delaware River fishing report blogs, know this, most of them are trying to fill rooms, cabins and guide boats.  The new "muddy" is "stained"  If streamer fishing is mentioned in any blog this time of year stay home. 

The water color as I saw it today:
                            Big River - At current levels I have no idea.  Looking out the camp window, I know there is no cream in the coffee.
                            Upper East Branch- Gray, which is fishable but it's too high to wade.
                             Big East Branch- Stained, but too high to even think about for wading.
                             West Branch- (from which most reports emanate), It's coffee with one cream.  I've seen it worse but it's unsafe for wading in all but a few places and it was covered with olives  today and only one guide that I talked to saw a fish (one) rise.

FYI-  There are (and have been for over a week) March Browns on the BK, BR and BEB, even saw some on the UEB today.  Tune in tomorrow to find out why the "fish aren't on 'em yet". 

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  • Dan: May 23, 2018

    Thanks for an honest report … appreciated!

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