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This weekend could be really good.

Posted on May 21 2020

 As many of you probably already know, the releases have been cut back to levels (WB 525, EB 125)  where the entire river system from the two dams all the way down to Callicoon is now wadeable.  The UE is now unfloatable for anyone with any concern for his fellow anglers.  The boat traffic will now be concentrated on the WB, BE and BR.

In spite of the frost which covered the grass in my yard this morning, the weather has turned warmer and the bugs are getting back on schedule.  There are March Brown duns and spinners on the BR and on the BE.  There are Hendrickson duns and spinners (the wee little ones) still hatching on the WB and the UE.  Spring sulfurs and gray foxes are also being seen.

This creates a big problem for me and anyone like me.  I have seperate boxes of flies for each major hatch and not near enough pockets in my vest to hold them. Took out the early season stones, grannoms and quill gordons (all little boxes)  and added March Browns, gray foxes, sulfurs and a box of big spinners. Not only are there not enough pockets but I can never remember where I put each box. The green and brown drakes are waiting patiently in the car right beside the iso box.

The fishing -Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.  After driving all around  the system for the last few days looking for bugs and rising trout (and not finding any), today I stumbled into two places, one on the WB and one on the UE that had hatching bugs and rising fish.  The results were not spectacular (at one point I had landed but three of eight fish hooked) but from 3:30 until about 8:00 there were targets. A brown and a rainbow, both 19 inches long tied for fish of the day.

The seemingly endless streak (really only three days) of cloudless days with bright sun needs to end.  No we don't need another gully washer but a warm, cloudy day with a steady drizzle and no wind would sure be nice.


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