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Thunderstorms produce two beautiful rainbows.

Posted on August 07 2019

With an overcast morning and good water temps the upper reaches of the BR seemed a good bet. Tricos and olives were on the menu and I was hoping for generous servings of both. Didn't happen. There were some tricos and I hooked two fish on them but it was hardly a feeding frenzy. Olives were even scarcer. Reeled it in after less than two hours and drove over to the WB for the eleven o'clock sulfur extravaganza. There were sulfurs and boats on the water when I got there but just yearlings were rising. By 12:30 the hatch had ebbed and the fish quit feeding.

Went out again about 6:00 and drove through showers on the way to the UE. Donned a raincoat and fished an empty pool near Harvard. There were rising fish eating something too small to be seen by the human eye. For the most part they ignored my offerings (every cast was at a rising fish) and kept right on eating. Did manage to get a few to eat an assortment of my tiniest flies but never really had what they wanted. Hooked and landed two fat heavy 18 inch rainbows which is quite unusual for the UE as it is primarily a brown trout stream.

The fishing so far this week has been much tougher than the last couple of weeks in July. Historically both months seem to produce good numbers of fish. There are so many variables that go into a days fishing that its hard to explain either the good or the bad days with any degree of accuracy. The morning fishing has not been as good it was (no bugs) and the evening fishing has been interrupted by thunderstorms the last two nights. Hopefully the stars will align and the fishing will return to the way it was in late July.


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