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Posted on June 27 2017

I wanted the month to end with a bang (not a boom).  Unfortunately I spent most of the afternoon dodging thunderstorms.  By 4:30 I hadn't fished more than half an hour.  Called it quits and was headed back to the camp when the sky cleared and the sun came out.

Stopped at a place on the BE that has always had fish (until this year), and decided to give it a fair try.  Fished from about 4:45 until 8:45 and came away with the feeling that it really doesn't have very many fish.  Saw a few risers when I got there and got a hook into 8 fish  but there were an array of duns and spinners that should have gotten fish up and just didn't.  I stood looking for a rise for a half hour before I departed with almost an hour's worth of light left in the day.

The fish I did see were mostly two year olds.  Never saw any big fish that usually can be found in the BE.  This has been the norm in many places this year.  Either a lot of big fish have "been taken out" by meat fishermen or there were some poor spawning years that are showing up at the top end of the fish population.  In order for the BE to bounce back fishermen need to avoid taking fish and mother nature needs to help out with a couple of good spawning years.

This will be my last report until I return from my trip out west.  I will be leaving Thursday morning the 29th and returning home on July 6th.  My return to the Delaware River will depend on too many variables to even guess at an eta.

If you are home from the Missouri (or didn't make the trip) come down, fish the Delaware and write a report.  Good luck on both scores.


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