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Timing, it's every thing.

Posted on August 22 2015

t rained last night.  Got up this morning and looked at the Harvard
gage.  It had peaked at three hundred and was on the way down. With
nothing else to due I got in the car and drove up to Harvard.  Put on
my waders and walked down to the stream.  It was high and muddy.
Drove home and looked at the gage again.  Sure enough it had started
down then went straight up to over five hundred, game over.

Fished the no kill in the afternoon in a hatch that was good enough to
get trout up occasionally, but not steady.  Did land a couple of nice
ones but spent a lot of time trying to fool some others that were
smarter than me.

Retreated to the lower WB around 6:30 and found fish willing to
look at my offerings, some even ate.

If you are going to the Delaware this weekend the WB is the only
fishable part of the system. Everything else is either too warm or too


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