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To big or not to big - that is the question

Posted on September 04 2018

It was clearly not a Big River day with bright sun and mid summer temperatures.  Buckingham parking area had 0 boat trailers and 0 cars at 2:00 pm..  For a guide to float his sports on the BR on a day like today requires either sports who are willing to take a scenic ride with the hope of catching fish or or a guide willing to throw his tip out with the trash if his hunch is wrong.

Two boats put in at Buckingham and went by me heading for Long Eddy at about three o'clock with four anglers still casting with great enthusiasm.  When I got back to my car at 6:30 there was but one trailer in the lot, awaiting someone who had dared to fish  the BR from somewhere up river  down to Buckingham.  Hope they all did well and no guides were shot.

For wade fishermen (now that the water has dropped enough to get into the river)  the risk is not so great.  You park your car, walk down to the river and fish until you realize that it's the wrong time, place or day.  You then walk back to the car and either go to another "place", head to a bar to drown your sorrows or go home saying it's just not my day.

As Paul Harvey (God rest his sole) use to say, "And now the rest of the story".  For regular readers, the clues are there, you already know whats coming, why else would I have waited four and a half hours before trudging back up to the car?  There were just enough bugs.  Risers, not many.  Over half  my takes came on "blind casts".  But the fish were looking up.  They were hot.  They liked my fly.  And I saw more of my bright yellow backing than I've seen since early June.

Hope the guys in the boats did as well.


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