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To post or not to post - revisited.

Posted on April 09 2020

On March 29th  (just two short weeks ago) when I authored "To post or not to post" I expressed concerns about the harm that could be done by encouraging people to come to the river to fish.  At the time the  New York DEC was encouraging people to go fishing (responsibly).  On the other hand Delaware County had just come out with a directive asking people not to visit their county.

In making the decision to post it was my intent to serve as a voice on the river, stressing the need for all anglers to observe the recommended social distancing directives while calling out those who showed wanton disregard for the efforts being made by health officials and the general public to "flatten the curve".  I have done that.

However, since the date of  the first post the New York DEC has amended their directive and asked people to fish locally.  FUDA has written their members urging people to stay home and all fishing related businesses along the Delaware River have been closed to walk in customers.

I was at my camp for two weeks. In the two weeks I pumped two tanks of gas, never went into a store and had close contact with no one.  So what is the problem?  Well, although the number of anglers is greatly reduced, many of those that have come seem to have very little regard for following the social distancing mandates prescribed by health officials.  Many of the fishermen continue to share both SUVs and boats. A stop for gas often times results in a trip into the convenience store.  Lunches are being shared in both cars and boats.

If a fisherman comes to the river alone, does not buy gas or visit an open store, keeps a safe distance from fellow anglers and returns to his home the same day, he poses little or no threat of contracting or spreading the virus. That said, a significant  number of  the people presently fishing the river system  are putting themselves and others at risk of transmitting the Covid-19 virus by disregarding social distancing mandates. This represents a threat to the residents of the communities along the river that I do not want to be a part of.

Future posts by Angler 119's will await a victory over Covid-19.

If everyone practices social distancing we will win!

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  • Mike: April 18, 2020

    Thank you for this message. Well done and appreciated.

    I agree and enjoy your reassurance that common sense needs to be displayed.

    And reiterate your notion.

    Don’t stop anywhere. It if you go…Go alone. Use your head and stay away from public infrastructure and the fishing can be enjoyed. Responsibly.

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