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Posted on June 29 2015

Saturday I was at a reunion, it was a good time for everyone. But the
light rain forecast had me thinking about fish eating olives.

Today, I headed for the river hoping that it hadn't blown out. The 17
bridge over the WB showed Oquaga Creek belching silt laden, orange
colored water into the river.  Farther downstream, below the gamelands
the river was still clear enough to fish but you knew what was coming.

I drove into Hancock and found the EB running clear so I tried it just
above town.  Hooked three nice rainbows blind casting (no bugs on the
water) and landed two. Then drove down river to Buckingham in hopes of
getting ahead of the rising water.  The water was clear and there were
a few bugs but it was high and difficult wading.  Saw three rises,
rose two of the fish, hooked one, lost it and bailed for the upper EB.

At 350cfs, the upper EB is a joy to fish.  There were no anglers to be
seen anywhere so I had my choice of pools.  Picked one that I hadn't
fished all year. When I got to the water I found the fish eating
little dark winged olives. Not having fished since last Wednesday, I
had a more than adequate supply of Adrenalin stored up and it played a
major role in me putting down almost every fish I cast to in the first
30 minutes.

After I settled down, I had very nice fishing, to rising fish, for
almost three hours. Saturday I was wishing I was there - today I was


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