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Today on the river

Posted on June 24 2019

It's seven pm and I'm sitting on my porch watching the neighborhood doe nurse her fawn.
Jumped the little guy(???) yesterday while I was clearing my view of the river. He bounded off into a high stand of weeds. Momma came later in the day and knew just where to find him. Tonight momma came down the hill and walked past me without even a how do you do. She walked up the railroad tracks along my neighbors unmowed lawn (it's Lordville afterall) until she reached the right spot. The fawn then bounded out of the tall grass for his dinner. I don't know how long the doe keeps away from the newborn fawn but tonight the fawn followed mamma out onto the lawn. Perhaps he's ready to outrun predators and will stay with her.

Why aren't I fishing. To be honest, it's the most beautiful evening one could imagine to be fishing - if only there were a reasonable number of places where you could wade. Drove around this afternoon and saw bugs everywhere (boats too). There was a pretty good breeze that probably discouraged risers but right about now heads are starting to pop. The water is dropping (slowly) (an eagle just flew up the river- gave something a head fake - and kept going), and by tomorrow there should be places to wade a little.

The last four days have been a lost cause for waders while drifters had the river to themselves. There were still drakes hatching on the BR and UE today, one can only fantasise as to what the fishing would have been like. Tonights spinner fall may well be epic. And here I sit, maybe I'll just walk up over the tracks and see if anything is sipping spinners close to shore.


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