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Today,s thunderstorm had no rainbow, just some big browns.

Posted on August 08 2019

The thunderstorms of the past three days have continued to affect the fishing on the Delaware system. Last night's rain hit the Beaverkill which peaked at about 1100 CFS. The warm muddy water went down the EB and into the Big River raising the water flow, temperature and turbidity.

After crossing a morning trip to the BR off the list of options, I settled on a reprise of yesterday's 11:00 sulfur hatch on the WB. Got there ahead of the bugs and had a pool to myself the entire hatch. The hatch started a little late (11:30) and ended a little early (12:45). There were decent bugs and lots of risers. Unfortunately (at least where I was) all the risers were yearling browns between 8 and 9 inches long. Hooked one two year old that was just short of 13 inches.

Returned to the camp and watered the new grass before looking at the radar image of T-boomers heading our way. Tied a few flies while waiting for the storms. My nap was cut short by the crash of thunder announcing the storms arrival.

Waited out the storms and at 6:00 went out to try and get in some evening fishing. Headed to the UE in hopes of finding less fog, boats and fishermen. I did, unfortunately there were also fewer bugs. The fish were up (as they were last night several miles downstream) and were either practice rising or feeding on something beyond the capability of human eyes to see. Stayed patient, changed flies often and managed to get several nice fish to eat my offerings. A 19 inch brow whose first run went well into the backing won fish of the day but he had competition. There were no 8 or 9 inchers to be seen.


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