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Today the worm turned (and the flies hatched).

Posted on June 06 2018

If you are a regular reader you'll know that I've been taking my lumps trying to meet bugs and rising fish on the BE and BK.  I've made the trip once or twice every week and come back with fish totals that can be counted on one hand without using the thumb and several digits.

Went to the Beaverkill around one (morning fishing on the BR wasn't worth talking about). With heavily overcast skies there were isos and olives hatching in enough numbers to get the fish looking up. Landed a 20 inch brown and lost a big rainbow that broke me off.  Worked down the BK to "Jaws"  where there were several fish rising to a huge hatch of sulfurs coming out of the UEB. 

From there I drove up the UEB to where there were still a few Hendricksons hatching along with a mix of olives,sulfurs and gray foxes.  Hooked and landed but one fish (a 19 inch brown) which made it well worth the trip. 

Returned to another pool on the BK about six to find fish still up and on the isos.  Things quieted down about eight and I reeled in and started back to camp.  Pulled over where you can see the EB from the road, "just for a look" and saw a rise (good thing my waders were still on).  Was into a good green Drake spinner fall that had the big fish up and gulping 'til way past dark. 

 A top five day for sure.


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