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Today they pitched their ace.

Posted on August 04 2021

Finished up my tasks back in Syracuse, had a bite to eat and was on the road at 12:45. Arrived in Deposit shortly after two and it looked like a different river from Monday. There was a solid line of wade anglers from Stilesville to at least the corn field pool (do they still call it that?) and probably all the way to barking dog. Boats were everywhere most were anchored (some with sports and guide out of the boat). Fishing the "A" pools was not an option.

Spent two hours trying to fool about a dozen fish who were sipping living creatures not far up the size chart from an amoeba.  Saw one eat a sulfur and quickly threw mine at him.  The fish came half way up to the fly and then sank back down as if to say, "As a fly tier you've got a long way to go".

Next stop was water with a little more pace. There were a few sulfurs and olives on the water and if you were patient every once in a while a fish would rise. Most good casts got a look, some a take.  Spent three hours there hoping the three boats anchored in the prime spots would leave.  They never did.

About seven I pulled the plug and headed down to the BR where there were also both wade anglers and drifters. The fish are far less numerous there but they are also far less pressured. There were a few isos and a good caddis hatch that came so late I didn't know what the fish were feeding on until a caddis got under my glasses.

Caught fish, a mere fraction of Monday and Tuesday's total to be sure, but for a day on the Delaware it was very satisfying.

If you are going to be here during the day you will do best by staying above the barking dog launch site. Be here by noon, count refusals as a plus and celebrate any fish that you are able to get to take your fly. There will be a lull from 4:30 to 7:00 but if you can stay late you should. The sulfurs do an encore and the fish aren't quite as fussy. Just bring an extra shirt if you are fishing after the sun goes behind the hills.   


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